You’ll See a Miracle.

I’ve been away from the blog scene for a few weeks due to the flu!!  I’m sorry for being gone.  However, I’m back and still spreading the word.  What is the word you ask?  The word is Celebrate!  Rejoice!  Sing!  Shout!  Delight!  Be overjoyed!!  Why??  Jesus is coming so very soon!!

There is no sorrow, no hardship, no financial struggle, no health issue that can hold me down.  Those things are all just tiny specs of dirt on this canvass we call life.  The big picture is that this worldly battle is over!!!  We have won and the end is coming soon when we shall see our Saviour in the clouds saying “Come up hither.”

I’m ready to go.  Ready to join the wedding feast!  Ready to battle alongside the saints!  Are you ready?  Are you telling everyone?  Better yet, are you showing everyone!!

Today, I was listening to one of my favorite preachers.  His name is James McDonald.  He is awesome.  He talked about living a life of abundance and never fearing for the future or having enough “stocked up”.

JESUS WILL PROVIDE!!!  Not just enough…but more than enough.  That is what He did with the fishes and the loaves.  They didn’t just get enough…they got all they wanted!  All they WANTED!!!!

I’m so very excited about tomorrow will hold!  It is going to be awesome because I’m walking with Jesus and He is going to show me something amazing.  I hope and pray that you will allow Him to show you something amazing as well.  Cast your cares on Him and look to Him to answer and fulfill your need.  You will see a miracle!!

I can’t wait to see the miracle waiting for me!


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