My staycation to The Holy Land

The Holy Land!

A place I have always wanted to see.  The Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Sea of Galilee…oh to see what my Jesus saw.  I have felt myself walking the streets of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth…all those wonderful places where my Savior walked.

I know that in these turbulent times a trip to the Holy Land is very dangerous.  Especially for a Christian.  So, as I thought about that today I decided if I can’t go to Jerusalem…I’ll bring Jerusalem to me!!!

Google Maps is incredible!
I have walked the streets of Israel today.  I saw the Temple Mount.  I visited Petra.  Have you seen Petra?  It is gorgeous!  I meandered the shores surrounding the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus walked on that water!!  Did you know that?  Think about that!  Jesus…walked…on…the…water!!!   The only time I have walked on water is when it was frozen!!  And if you saw me, you wouldn’t call it walking…it’s more like a balancing act.  Not graceful…but covered in Grace!!

Tonight, I’ll be visiting with family.  We will have Bible study and laugh and cry and talk about Jesus and how close we are to His return.  We are so close.  Sometimes, I just sit and look at the sky thinking I’ll catch Him coming…hoping this will be the day He comes back.  This evening I think I’ll share my journeys and take my family on a trip of a life time.
If you get the chance you should bring it home.  Talk about a staycation.  I am so blessed.

Have a great weekend! 

Love and Prayers ~


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