Waiting and watching.

On this day, election day, as everyone waits and watches to see who will be President of the United States I wonder how many are waiting and watching for Jesus.  It seems like everyone is in such a rush.  I can not help but contemplate His glorious return on such a heavenly day.

My eyes scan the horizon and I feel hopeful.  My Jesus could return at any second.  Am I ready?  Yeah…I am.  Are you?  I hope so!  Do you hear his voice inside your heart?  If you do don’t drown it out…let it in.  I can only imagine the fear and excitement and splendor of that day.  I know there are things that I will have to answer to.  However, I can’t wait to try to look my Jesus in the eye and thank him for dying for me.  Thank him for suffering for me…for taking on my sin.  I feel that he can not come soon enough.

What will he find me doing?  Working. Sowing. Reaping. Praising.  Watching.  I can only hope.

There is much inspiration in my life and some of the best inspiration comes to me through music.  I’m not surprised to find myself humming a familiar tune as I write this.  I want to share it with you.  It has touched my heart and I can’t get it out of my mind.


I get weary but I go on.  Faithfully…obediently.


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