I’m sitting in my office which is in the basement of a three story building.  Dreary…some might think.  We actually have windows that are level to the ground.  The leaves outside are crunchy and I hear an early morning fall rain.  I look out the window only to see a giant rainbow, in all it’s splendor, spralled across the sky for everyone to see.

Do you know what that rainbow represents?  A promise!!  Not just any promise!  A promise from God himself.

Genesis 9:13

I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between
me and the earth.

See….God had destroyed the earth with water because man had become so wicked and God was angry.  There was one man who remained faithful and obedient.  Noah.  He heard God’s word and he began to build an Ark even those around him scoffed at him.  Noah continued working.  God spared Noah and his family.  It rained 40 days and 40 nights!!  That is a lot of rain!!!

Afterward, God promised never to destroy the earth with water.  As a sign of that promise he placed a bow in the clouds for every generation to see and be reminded of His promise!!

What a loving Father.  Thank you Jesus for reminding today of just one of God’s promises.  I don’t know every promise.  There are so many.  But I do know, God NEVER breaks His promises!!!  You can count on him!!  He will never let you down.  Never!!  And that is a promise!


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