Come To The Table

Loving This Song….
come to the table


He said come to the table
Come join the sinners who have been redeemed
Take your place beside the Savior now
Sit down and be set free
Come to the table
Come meet this motley crew of misfits
These liars and these thiefs
There’s no one unwelcome here, no
So that sin and shame that you brought with you
You can leave it at the door
And let mercy draw you near
Just come to the table
Come join the sinners, you have been redeemed
Take your place beside the Savior now
Sit down and be set free
Come to the table
Just come to the table

Still Climbing

narrow path to heaven




So, here I am. Still moving forward. Upward. Still climbing that narrow path that will someday lead me home to Heaven.  And home is the perfect word. Sometimes I find myself acting like an impatient child. Pouting and throwing a fit…but, I’m ready to go home…to Heaven.

There are days that feel like they will never end. Days where the climb almost seems too much. Moments that I see the spiritual pain and suffering in those around me and it makes me hurt. Needless worry and stress that zaps the joy from the hearts of those I know and love. If we just lay it all at the feet of Jesus, He will take care of it.

Now, grant it, I’m no Saint. I make lots of mistakes and sometimes I lose sight of my journey. I am only human. But, there are other days when the Holy Spirit is so alive in me that I could run right down the middle of town shouting the good news that Jesus is still in the saving business and He is coming back soon. Very soon.

Are you ready? Do you have yourself in order? Did you know that the Bible says…

But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. Matthew 12:36 KJV




Let that sink in…Every Idle Word!!

Do you know how many idle words I say per day?! It’s overwhelming. Let’s challenge ourselves. If you are reading this, let’s go one full day with no idle words. No speaking under our breath. No judgmental comments. No negative feedback.

Can you do it? I’m certainly going to try.

Let us lift each other in prayer. Let us give thanks for all the blessings we have. Let us rejoice in the day that the Lord has given us. God bless all of you.

Your Voice + His Word = Change


discipled by design


You can wait out a storm but battles are won and lost in the fight. If you find yourself in the middle of a spiritual attack, FIGHT! You will not come out the victor until you do. In all the pieces in the armor of God, there is only one offensive weapon listed…the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: Ephesians 6:17

Someone who is hungry wouldn’t sit in a room with a biscuit on the shelf all week long and wait to be spoon fed on Sunday. Dust off your Bible and dig out a word for your situation! Heaven and earth shall pass away. However, the Word is forever settled!

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Matthew 24:35

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Where is He?

I wait with what feels like equal parts fear and excitement. My eyes scan the eastern horizon. Where is He? I know it won’t be much longer.  I know it will be a day of reckoning. A day of jubilation. A day of Holy reunion.

Will I know everyone? Yes. But in a heavenly way. A gathering of Saints and Angels. Glorious rejoicing. All the universe will hear and declare that Jesus is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God of all Gods.

His mercy and grace follows us. His love pours over us. His sacrifice saves us.

There is no greater love. No other way. No. No other way to Heaven. No other way to communicate with God. No other way.  Jesus is the answer. He is the mediator. He is the shepherd.

Where is He? Look up. He is so very close.  See the waves roll in turmoil. Hear the wind moan in pain and warning. The earth cries out and all creation trembles at His return.  It will happen so quick. Sometimes I feel myself braced for the catching away. I’m ready. Are you?




Brace Yourself!

Have you seen the news? Heard the stories? It’s not just happening in some unknown region of the world. It’s everywhere! The wind, the waves, the wars, the earthquakes, the be-headings. There is so much death and destruction that life feels surreal at times.

It’s as if there is no peaceful place left on the planet. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. Hate everywhere. How can we go on? How do we survive these hard times?  For me, the answer is simple – Jesus.

When the world around me spins out of control, spiraling into chaos. I look inside myself. Not for some philosophical teaching, or self-help talk. Not to still my mind and calm my chakra. I take refuge and find strength in the one who is an ever present help in trouble.  My Jesus.

I surrender everything to Him. When I close my eyes, when I’m working, driving, eating. It doesn’t matter. He is always with me. He is my rock!! All the Sunday school classes and church services, hymns and Bible studies…His word fills my mind, body and soul. And I know without a doubt…There is Power in the Blood! And Victory in Jesus!

I believe we are so close to His return. So close, that even though I keep looking up and watching, I find myself bracing for the call! How fast we will be changed!  How glorious that moment will be when we are called up to the clouds to meet our Jesus in the air.

I’m excited, scared, anxious, fearful…you name it!  But, I’m also certain, at peace, strong, ready, willing and waiting.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

In a world of turmoil do you have perfect peace? Do you have an unshakable foundation? Who do you serve this day…right this second?

There are only two answers:     Christ -or- Antichrist.

I serve Christ!! And I hope and pray that you do as well. What kind of eternity will you brace yourself for?


A Tiger by the Tail

Hello Everyone!!!!

It feels good to be blogging once again. I’ve been very excited to share this adventure with you. First off, I really didn’t have a tiger by the tail…but, at one point, we could have easily touched noses. Seriously!!

It all started at Christmas. We had finished opening up our gifts and as usual we like to save a “BIG” gift to open last.  I had no idea just how big this was going to be.  I opened up my package to find a Manila envelope.  I felt around a little but for the life of me I had no idea what was inside.

I peeled open the flap and reached in. I pulled out something akin to a brochure of the Columbus Zoo. I thought ‘Oh my goodness! A membership to the zoo!’ Wrong.

I looked a little closer. My hands started to shake so bad. Tears filled my eyes and quickly spilled over.

“Is this what it says it is?”      “Yep.”

I was in total disbelief.

See, everyone who knows me, knows that I am an animal lover.  If you know me really well, then you know I especially love Big Cats. My favorite being the Siberian Tiger, also known as the Amur Tiger.

So, as my hands shook and just before my vision blurred from all the tears, I was able to realize I was being gifted a Private Tour and Tiger Training Session at the Columbus Zoo. Oh, and not just any tiger….you guessed it….an Amur Tiger! I really thought I would hyperventilate.

It would be February 7th before we would go. I counted down the minutes and every night I dreamt of tigers and what the day would hold for us. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Finally, it rolled around. I was so nervous I chose not to drive the 45 minutes it takes to get to the zoo. I love to drive but I was in no shape to be behind the wheel on this day. I had to get ready to train a tiger.

As we parked and made our way to the entrance gate, it was all I could do not to cry. This was a dream come true for me. A real ‘bucket list’ dream. Coming true with every step. We checked in and were escorted to the guest services area. Then our tour guide arrived.


He was super sweet. He drove us all through the North American exhibit and told us all about the wonderful conservation programs in which the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium are involved. The list is amazing.

We received a little gift bag that was hand made from ladies in Sudan. The money they raise helps pay for education and food for a year.

She was a beauty.

Finally, after what felt like forever and not long enough we rolled over to the Zoo Keeper’s office.  It was at the Tiger exhibit that we met the trainer and Zoo Keeper.  There were four female tigers in the yard entertaining the bystanders.

We began chit chatting and they were telling me tons of facts about the Siberian Tiger. Most I knew…some I didn’t. After we stood by the glass for a while watching them we walked over to where another female tiger was housed by herself. She was the oldest.  And she was beautiful.

They said she likes to stalk all the keepers as they come to feed her and do her daily training. She was so gorgeous and I stood about 5 feet from her. I wanted to reach out and touch her so bad… BUT, I resisted.

We stayed there a good 30 minutes and then went inside to see Foley!  Foley is the only male and if I thought the females were huge, well…he put them to shame. He could easily stand 9ft on his back legs. He knew all his commands and I watched in awe as our trainer worked with him. My heart was pounding.

Smiling she looked at me said, “Are you ready for a treat?”

She motioned me closer to his cage. I was now inches from this gorgeous creature. This Tiger that I never thought I would be this close to. If I would have just leaned forward, we could have touched noses. No joke!!!

There I stood in the most surreal moment.  I almost felt like I was outside myself. I wanted desperately to burn every detail into my brain. Much, much too soon we had to leave. But I have memories, feelings and pictures that will stay with me forever.

Thank you P. for giving me a dream come true.

God bless~